Ubuntu Touch

Mobile & Tablet OS

The challenge

Canonical, the company behind the open source Ubuntu operating system, enlisted my services to help develop a new generation of operating system aimed at touch devices including tablets and smartphones; an exciting undertaking with a lot of potential.

Behind the scenes

Whilst tempting to dive straight in and create a suite of visually stunning apps, I first turned my attention to the nuts and bolts of the OS to build a solid foundation and meet industry specification criteria. System Settings and Indicators were carefully reviewed to deliver a consistent user experience and visual approach across a huge range of screens.

Beautiful hardware

An ambitious and record-breaking crowd source funding campaign aimed to bring the Ubuntu Edge handset to the market. I was consulted throughout the product design stage, helping to specify materials and weight alongside ergonomic and aesthetic detailing.

Native apps

Several native apps were custom built, including Photos, Email, Calendar, Clock, Browser and Movies. We also rethought the home screen, challenging convention by featuring live content that is tailored to the user.