DVD & Blu-ray

ClientEon Productions

AgencyLess Rain

Reinventing an icon

I was asked to create a slick, sophisticated interface to compliment the gritty new direction the recent Bond films have instilled, whilst respecting the heritage and brand values. To reflect the beautiful underwater opening scene of the movie's main title sequence, I devised a fluid displacement motion transition to introduce the Skyfall and 007 marks.

Sourcing the footage

I scoured through the full duration of the movie, selecting scenes which showcased the stunning visuals throughout. These would become the foundations on which the DVD and Blu-ray menu systems were to build upon, being careful not to give too much of the plot away in the process.

The score

To further enrich the experience and reflect the mood of the visuals, I arranged and produced a bespoke soundtrack using elements from the film's score, edited to loop seamlessly for each section of the menu. Distinctive horn swells denote section transitions and provide feedback confirmation for user interactions.

Conceptual exploration

I was supplied with a range of high-definition assets from which to create the various menu visual elements. Before settling on the desired approach, I investigated a number of alternatives. Various stylistic directions were explored including the obligatory 'naked dancing girl' route, using high speed camera footage, and obscuring and revealing elements using smoke effects. However, it was decided that the beautiful movie footage should form the core of the menu look and feel, enabled by minimal, clean and precise edits and cuts. Keeping things simple was the key.